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O-LIVE & CO it's a Blend EVOO of light and fruity extra virgin olive oil.

This an extremely fresh and smooth oil presents notes of green tomato and lettuce and a slightly spicy and bitter sensation and balanced. O-LIVE & CO it is ideal
for your daily kitchen, to perfectly match a wide range of dishes and
to improve your family's healthy lifestyle. O-LIVE & CO is a standout
Extra virgin olive oil for daily use at a daily price.

Tasting Notes: Medium fruity with a balanced balance between bitter and spicy. Notes of artichoke, tomato and almonds.

Quality: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Varieties: Arbequina, Arbosana, Koroneiki.

Worldwide Certifications: HACCP, BRC, KOSHER

Chemical analysis:

Acidity: <0.15%

Peroxide Index: 6.8

K 232: 1.57

K 270: 0.10

Delta K: <0.003

Fatty acid profile (%):

Oleic Acid: 73.1

Myristic Acid: 0.01

Palmitic Acid: 13.3

Palmitoleic Acid: 1.3

Stearic acid: 1.9

Linoleic Acid: 8.4

Linolenic Acid: 0.7

Arachidic acid: 0.4

Behenic acid: 0.1

Lignoceric acid: 0.1

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